Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for a Delaware license plate?

    To apply for a Delaware license plate, you need to visit a Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Complete the required application form, provide the necessary documents such as proof of vehicle ownership and identification, and pay the applicable fees.

  2. Can I personalize my Delaware license plate?

    Yes, Delaware offers personalized license plates. You can customize your license plate with a unique combination of letters, numbers, or special characters, subject to availability and guidelines set by the Delaware DMV.

  3. How can I renew my Delaware license plate?

    Delaware license plates can be renewed online, in-person at a DMV office, or through other designated methods. Renewal typically requires providing updated vehicle information, proof of insurance, and payment of renewal fees.

  4. What is the process for transferring a Delaware license plate to another vehicle?

    To transfer a Delaware license plate to another vehicle, you must visit a DMV office and complete the necessary transfer application. You may need to provide proof of ownership for both vehicles, pay transfer fees, and comply with specific transfer requirements set by the Delaware DMV.

  5. How can I replace a lost or damaged Delaware license plate?

    If you lose or damage your Delaware license plate, you can request a replacement from the Delaware DMV. Fill out the appropriate application form, provide necessary documentation, such as a police report (in case of theft), and pay the required replacement fees.

  6. What are the available specialty license plates in Delaware?

    Delaware offers a range of specialty license plates representing various organizations, causes, and interests. Examples include specialty plates supporting veterans, wildlife conservation, universities, and charitable foundations. Check with the Delaware DMV for acomplete list of specialty license plates available.

  7. How can I perform a license plate lookup in Delaware?

    Delaware License Plate provides a license plate lookup service. Visit our website and enter the license plate number to retrieve relevant vehicle information, history, and more. Our license plate lookup service helps you make informed decisions and gain insights into a vehicle's background.

  8. What does the "PC" designation mean on Delaware license plates?

    The "PC" designation on Delaware license plates signifies a Passenger Car registration. These plates are specifically issued for passenger cars, indicating that the vehicle is registered and intended for personal use rather than commercial purposes.

  9. Can I transfer my Delaware license plate to another state?

    License plate transfer between states varies based on specific regulations and requirements. In general, it may not be possible to transfer a Delaware license plate directly to another state. Contact the DMV in the new state of registration for guidance on transferring your license plate.