Specialty Plates

Show Your Support with Specialty License Plates

Specialty plates provide an opportunity to express your interests, affiliations, or support for specific causes, organizations, or groups. Delaware License Plate offers a variety of specialty plates designed to help you showcase your dedication and make a difference.

Discover Unique Specialty Plates

Explore the range of specialty license plates available in Delaware, each with its own unique design and symbolism. These plates represent various causes, such as veterans, charities, universities, environmental conservation, and more. Choose a specialty plate that aligns with your passions and proudly display your support.

Supporting Causes and Organizations

By selecting a specialty plate, you can actively contribute to the causes and organizations associated with them. A portion of the proceeds from specialty plate purchases often goes directly to support these initiatives, making a positive impact within the community. Show your dedication and make a difference with your choice of specialty plate.

Obtaining a Specialty Plate

To obtain a specialty plate, visit the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or office and follow the designated process. You may be required to provide certain documentation or meet specific eligibility criteria depending on the specialty plate you choose. Show your support and make a statement with a specialty license plate on your vehicle.